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Privacy Policy

Gold Seal Online Ground School is an educational service of Atlanta Flight, Inc. dba Gold Seal. Your use of this service indicates to us that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy.
When you register for an account at Gold Seal Online Ground School, we collect several pieces of information, such as Name, Email Address, and Pilot status. Please notice that we do not ask for, nor store, information on your address, zip code, phone number(s), social security number, or financial information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts. Since this website constitutes an educational program, we only record your progress through the lessons along with certain test scores--all specific data to this website. You may print certificates containing your name. However, YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. IT IS NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO THIRD PARTIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WE RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY.
In general, this information is collected and stored in order to:
  • Personalize content and advertising of specific Gold Seal products that you might wish to purchase
  • Perform audits and statistical analysis
  • Allow you to comply with Federal regulations (Part 61.105) by showing participation in the Gold Seal Online Ground School

    The Gold Seal Online Ground School is owned and operated by Atlanta Flight, Inc.
    Policy Last Updated: October 1, 2013
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